RandomPlayerModels on new round

Star Wars mod II

GHW_Starwars_II.amxx, (35.18kB)
Here we go, this plugin makes everyone on both teams a random character from starwars with their special abilites listed below in the quote from the plugin intro.

Diablo Mod v7.0

Diablo, (304.52kB)
The plugin is a mod like warcraft 3 with xp/level/skills. One thing to notice though is that the plugin is based on item finding instead of skills. When you kill someone there is a chance to find an item. Some are passive, like increasing your damage, some has a once-a-round effect while others just help you find even more powerfull stuff

Invisible Man

invis.amxx, (7.94kB)
When invisible man mode is turned on all players will be switched to ct and a random player will be picked to go t. The player on t will be invisible and only be able to use a knife. The t's job is to kill all the ct's to stay t and the ct's job is to survive. Whoever kills the invisible t becomes the next t. If the t types kill in console or falls to his death a new random ct is picked to become the next t. Team locking is also on when this mod is on so players can only join the ct team or go spectator.

Zombie Swarm 2.4

zombie_swarm.amxx, (34.09kB)
It's humans(CT) vs zombies(T's) and the whole map is dark.
The objective of the mod is to kill all the zombies or kill all the humans.
You can also rescue hostages which adds some fun to the mod but can't plant the bomb.
You can use bots with this plugin but bots are to be in zombies all the time while players can join either team.

When you are a zombie:
- You can only use knife (Model has changed to claws)
- Your health and armour is increased/decreased (Depending on cvar)
- Your speed is increased/decreased (Depending on cvar)
- You have green night vision (Colored night vision is laggy)
- When you hit a human and the damage is over a specific number. His/her camera is screwed
- Life steal (100%)
- Leap (Half life jump pack)

When you are a human:
- Every new round, you get a bit more cash then usual (Depending on cvar)
- When you hit a zombie in the head and the damage is over a specific number. His/her camera goes fuzzy
- Can(not) buy night vision goggles depending on cvar


vampire.amxx, (2.29kB)
Then somebody get a kill, he gets some HealthPoints. Although screen fades into light blue for a moment.

Color chat

colorchat.amxx, (5.68kB)
Choose between four color modes and then, everyone (except bots) will write in that color!
Alive people can see dead/spectator chat messages and vice-versa.

Extra lives

extra-lives.amxx, (3.97kB)
This plugin give's you extra-lives in conter-strike.

Superweapon - M4withM203 Edition(2007-3-4 update)

Titanium Armor v1.1

titanium_kevlar.amxx, (10.89kB)
This plugin allows players to buy bullet-proof armor. This is similar to other bullet-proof armor plugins, but much more flexible, more user friendly and has more features.

BF2 Rank mod

bf2 mod, (98.93kB)

An attempt to recreate the battlefield ranking system onto cs1.6
Currently features the basics of the ranking system, with no power up gain recieved from leveling.

Halo Mod v 2.4a

Blinding Flashlight v0.2.3SL

blinding_flashlight.amxx, (11.97kB)
Use your flashlight to blind your enemies!

Buy a Bomb (v2.0)

buy_a_bomb.amxx, (4.44kB)
Allows T's only to buy a bomb with a simple chat command, when you buy the bomb you will glow and have 600 gravity instead of 800. Creates a red glow around the user who buys the bomb. The glowing stops when the user dies, untill he buys another bomb.

Weapons Gravity

weapon_gravity.amxx, (3.3kB)
This plugin set player gravity according to the weapon maxspeed.
So you jump higher with a knife than with an AWP.